How to stay positive in every situation – even the horrible ones

We can’t always avoid negative situations or prepare for them, so how can we counteract their negative effect on our lives and our attitudes? Learning the power of positive thinking helps us stay positive even in the midst of tragedy. Follow these tips on how to stay positive in every moment – even the horrible ones.

Making positive life changes has a great deal to do with one’s perception and how you chose to …

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How to find like-minded people and build genuine connection

Posted on 2

Have you ever been in a crowd and asked your self “what am I doing here?” Ever been in a gathering and felt so withdrawn and probably can’t relate to the topics of discussion? If you answered YES then you probably need to find your own tribe.

Your tribe isn’t necessarily the people you share cultural values with or bloodline. When you can feel renewed, energized and …

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Do these in your 20’s to prepare for your 50’s self

Posted on 13
anti-ageing tricks + how to reverse the signs of ageing + when to start anti ageing creams

Ageing is beautiful. I think of it as an opportunity to experience life through different stages. How we live normally changes by how old we are. The food we eat, the company we keep and the places we go constantly changes as we get older and there’s no better feeling of accomplishment than being mentally and physically prepared for future occurrences. Here’s a few ways you can start an early preparation …

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