DIY face mask for dry sensitive skin with avocado

Dry skin? Sensitive skin? Or a “tremendous” combination of both? Don’t worry, I got you on this one! Lately, avocados have been making a huge statement foodwise and I’m loving every creamy bit of them. They’re great on toast, great in a salad, yummy in a bowl of smoothie but did you know avocados contain beneficial properties for beautiful skin whether eaten or applied topically? A diy face mask maybe?

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Creative ways to practice mindfulness (no yoga or meditation)

Once I began using smartphones and social media, life has been going on way faster than I can catch up. It feels like I can’t keep up with time and being early on new trends became a priority.

I remember purchasing my first smartphone once I was through with high school- fun times it was but apparently that was also when I started to forget how to be …

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Consequence of shyness | Overcome shyness + increase confidence

For a fraction of introverts like me, shyness was a strong part of my character for a very long time. It still is but I don’t let it get in the way of what needs to get done. I had trouble speaking openly, loudly and reaching out to people. I experienced the effects of shyness on someone’s life and learned that being shy will have nothing but negative consequences for me.. or anyone …

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Time management tips that works for everyone

In order to achieve your goals in life, it is important to have a powerful and effective time management skill. If you’re not managing your time well, there’s no way you’re going to reach your goals at work and the life outside of it. Follow these steps for effective time management skills

We’ve all been there. Those mornings when you wake up tired because you pulled an ‘all-nighter’ trying to complete the tasks of …

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Important beauty checklist for optimal self care

Posted on 5
important beauty self care routines for beginners

You may have come across the term self care in a magazine or blog. Self care is an activity a person indulges in which helps them maintain optimal physical and/or mental  health.
Self care frequently consists of various activities you can do better your health, body and mind but the focus here is self care tips and ideas for beauty. Take your skin and …

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