Letting go of negative relationships and learning move on

There’s a great pleasure in having some company and a greater pleasure in keeping genuine company but also important  to learn when to move on . I have thought about writing this post for the longest and I finally got around to writing it. It took me a while because it’s coming from personal experiences I’d rather have kept personal but it doesn’t even matter anymore.


I’ve met …

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False misconceptions about lifestyle bloggers

I never thought I’ll ever need to address the misconceptions people have about bloggers; especially on lifestyle bloggers who share tips and on different aspects of life like I do but hey, here I am! I still consider myself a newbie in blogging because there’s a lot for me to learn so I find this topic a bit premature for me to talk about.
In almost four months …

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Turmeric tea for pain relief and muscular cramps (period pain also)

 28 days of bloom, 5 days of gloom. Period cramps always got the best of me despite avoiding sugar and exercising, drinking lots of water and what not – all that good stuff! Some months, I had moderate cramps while other months were severe but I found a menstrual cramp treatment, turmeric tea, that works wonders for me and I believe it’s share-worthy.

One horrific fact- According to this US National Library …

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