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When it comes to eye makeup removers, I am always careful about the one I choose .  With makeup applications, we must not forget to take off our makeup properly in a way that doesn’t do damage to our skin.

It is important to be very careful about how you take your eye makeup off. The skin around our eyes are very delicate and any form of mishandling may lead to dark circles, broken …

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My current skin care necessities for dry skin

Anyone who knows me know that half of my yearly purchase are primarily skincare products.. then food, lol. In this post, I share with you guys my favourite moisturising skin care products for my very dry skin as we go into the drier months. First of all I’m going to share with you guys my wonderful skin type.
*Face: Oily around the t-zone and normal around the perimeters. Acne-prone with …

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DIY face mask for dry sensitive skin with avocado

Dry skin? Sensitive skin? Or a “tremendous” combination of both? Don’t worry, I got you on this one! Lately, avocados have been making a huge statement foodwise and I’m loving every creamy bit of them. They’re great on toast, great in a salad, yummy in a bowl of smoothie but did you know avocados contain beneficial properties for beautiful skin whether eaten or applied topically? A diy face mask maybe?

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