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I love tea. That’s for sure.. even better if I can get myself to commit to a specific one but there are way too many varieties to stick to one. Anyway, I decided to give green tea a try for six weeks to see if I too can experience the great benefits green tea has been claimed to offer. Every green tea lover swears by this tea so I thought I’d give it a try too! …

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What are your fall rituals?

What are you autumnal rituals? I don’t have much but that’s usually when I get ‘tea crazy’. I’ve never been a coffee drinker so I don’t get excited about pumpkin spice lattes making their seasonal appearance once more.. haha.
I love teas, all of them. Bitter, sweet, tangy, flavourful. You should read my post on turmeric tea: extremely beneficial in a lot of ways and for cramps …

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False misconceptions about lifestyle bloggers

I never thought I’ll ever need to address the misconceptions people have about bloggers; especially on lifestyle bloggers who share tips and on different aspects of life like I do but hey, here I am! I still consider myself a newbie in blogging because there’s a lot for me to learn so I find this topic a bit premature for me to talk about.
In almost four months …

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