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Turmeric tea for pain relief and muscular cramps (period pain also)

 28 days of bloom, 5 days of gloom. Period cramps always got the best of me despite avoiding sugar and exercising, drinking lots of water and what not – all that good stuff! Some months, I had moderate cramps while other months were severe but I found a menstrual cramp treatment, turmeric tea, that works wonders for me and I believe it’s share-worthy.

One horrific fact- According to this US National Library …

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Important beauty checklist for optimal self care

Posted on 5
important beauty self care routines for beginners

You may have come across the term self care in a magazine or blog. Self care is an activity a person indulges in which helps them maintain optimal physical and/or mental  health.
Self care frequently consists of various activities you can do better your health, body and mind but the focus here is self care tips and ideas for beauty. Take your skin and …

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Do these in your 20’s to prepare for your 50’s self

Posted on 13
anti-ageing tricks + how to reverse the signs of ageing + when to start anti ageing creams

Ageing is beautiful. I think of it as an opportunity to experience life through different stages. How we live normally changes by how old we are. The food we eat, the company we keep and the places we go constantly changes as we get older and there’s no better feeling of accomplishment than being mentally and physically prepared for future occurrences. Here’s a few ways you can start an early preparation …

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6 benefits of spending time alone

Posted on 0
how to spend time alone + benefits of spending time alone

A lot of people can’t fathom the idea of spending time alone. It is often viewed as bad thing. For some reason the idea of solitude either means that one is antisocial or unwanted… perhaps a bad company but none of those are true. Spending time alone isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

There are so many benefits to it. I’m not denying the pleasures …

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How to be the right kind of selfish

how to build self esteem + personality development + self care for the mind

Selfish was one of the first words I learnt when I was in the first grade. I learnt this word from the older people I associated with as a child. They would casually call each other selfish and with time I learnt the meaning by observing the actions that preceded the name calling. On that note, I understood selfish to mean not wanting to share and acting on one’s own interest …

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