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Letting go of negative relationships and learning move on

There’s a great pleasure in having some company and a greater pleasure in keeping genuine company but also important  to learn when to move on . I have thought about writing this post for the longest and I finally got around to writing it. It took me a while because it’s coming from personal experiences I’d rather have kept personal but it doesn’t even matter anymore.


I’ve met …

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Creative ways to practice mindfulness (no yoga or meditation)

Once I began using smartphones and social media, life has been going on way faster than I can catch up. It feels like I can’t keep up with time and being early on new trends became a priority.

I remember purchasing my first smartphone once I was through with high school- fun times it was but apparently that was also when I started to forget how to be …

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Consequence of shyness | Overcome shyness + increase confidence

For a fraction of introverts like me, shyness was a strong part of my character for a very long time. It still is but I don’t let it get in the way of what needs to get done. I had trouble speaking openly, loudly and reaching out to people. I experienced the effects of shyness on someone’s life and learned that being shy will have nothing but negative consequences for me.. or anyone …

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How to find like-minded people and build genuine connection

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Have you ever been in a crowd and asked your self “what am I doing here?” Ever been in a gathering and felt so withdrawn and probably can’t relate to the topics of discussion? If you answered YES then you probably need to find your own tribe.

Your tribe isn’t necessarily the people you share cultural values with or bloodline. When you can feel renewed, energized and …

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