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A newbie’s guide to creating a successful blog

I created my first blog in 2009 on the Blogger Platform with little to no plan on how to go about creating content. As with most things without proper planning, it did not work out. Also, I was about to start uni so I decided to give it up. I honestly wish I didn’t quit.  Before I share my tips on how to create a successful blog, here is a quick back story to how I …

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My current skin care necessities for dry skin

Anyone who knows me know that half of my yearly purchase are primarily skincare products.. then food, lol. In this post, I share with you guys my favourite moisturising skin care products for my very dry skin as we go into the drier months. First of all I’m going to share with you guys my wonderful skin type.
*Face: Oily around the t-zone and normal around the perimeters. Acne-prone with …

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What are your fall rituals?

What are you autumnal rituals? I don’t have much but that’s usually when I get ‘tea crazy’. I’ve never been a coffee drinker so I don’t get excited about pumpkin spice lattes making their seasonal appearance once more.. haha.
I love teas, all of them. Bitter, sweet, tangy, flavourful. You should read my post on turmeric tea: extremely beneficial in a lot of ways and for cramps …

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Letting go of negative relationships and learning move on

There’s a great pleasure in having some company and a greater pleasure in keeping genuine company but also important  to learn when to move on . I have thought about writing this post for the longest and I finally got around to writing it. It took me a while because it’s coming from personal experiences I’d rather have kept personal but it doesn’t even matter anymore.


I’ve met …

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False misconceptions about lifestyle bloggers

I never thought I’ll ever need to address the misconceptions people have about bloggers; especially on lifestyle bloggers who share tips and on different aspects of life like I do but hey, here I am! I still consider myself a newbie in blogging because there’s a lot for me to learn so I find this topic a bit premature for me to talk about.
In almost four months …

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Turmeric tea for pain relief and muscular cramps (period pain also)

 28 days of bloom, 5 days of gloom. Period cramps always got the best of me despite avoiding sugar and exercising, drinking lots of water and what not – all that good stuff! Some months, I had moderate cramps while other months were severe but I found a menstrual cramp treatment, turmeric tea, that works wonders for me and I believe it’s share-worthy.

One horrific fact- According to this US National Library …

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DIY face mask for dry sensitive skin with avocado

Dry skin? Sensitive skin? Or a “tremendous” combination of both? Don’t worry, I got you on this one! Lately, avocados have been making a huge statement foodwise and I’m loving every creamy bit of them. They’re great on toast, great in a salad, yummy in a bowl of smoothie but did you know avocados contain beneficial properties for beautiful skin whether eaten or applied topically? A diy face mask maybe?

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